Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Tutorial for Baby Rag Quilt Burp Cloth set/ 17 Day Diet beginnings

I have had a Rag Quilt Tutorial Instructions for sale now for almost 4 years. It was created with mindset of using chenille fabrics on the backside and it is a larger lap size quilt. I see so many baby rag quilts for sale and am seeing burp cloths as well, so I wanted to make a tutorial that brought both of these crafted items together. Making burp cloths can be a great way to use up the extra fabrics from a baby quilt project and add something special or additional to your work. My new tutorial for the Baby Rag Quilt and Rag Quilted Burp Cloth can be found in my Etsy shop at this time.

Over 2 1/2 years ago I lost 40 pounds on the Atkin's diet. I have been off and on the maintenance program now for over a year and have gained 15 back. Recently I spoke a co-worker that had lost over 50 pounds since January and inquired what she was using for her diet. She stated she was doing "The 17 Day Diet" and explained  a little bit about it during our lunch period. Her explanation interested me greatly and I ordered the book that night. Two days later the book was lying on my kitchen table and I had the first 3 chapters read that  night. I wrote out the grocery list-spoke to my hubby about it and he agreed we would do it.

Yesterday he spent 2 hours at the grocery-God love him! But he is 100% committed to this venture as I am, so he is helping me with meal planning and cooking. He even stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my Vitamin D 1000 iu that I am ordered to take now.

This morning I weighed in like I do every morning.....finally down 2 pounds. That needle on the scale has not moved in a very long time!

The more I talk about this diet, the more stories I keep hearing from here and there.   People are losing weight. It is working. It is rapid. So as long as my mind is not on chocolate I am good. Chocolate is my favorite!  Here is my trick though: I have to try this and do it honestly for 17 days. I want to see what happens. The next 17 days the diets changes again and that phase allows for more weight loss. I am eager to see what happens and test it out for myself. My co-worker said that once she is on the maintenance phase she  eats off the diet on weekends, but Monday-Friday is back on it. That sounds doable for me. I was successful on the Atkins, but am looking forward to some changes.

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