Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chain Stitching My Raggies

Tip #3 From Rag Quilting Tip Series

LOL When I first began Rag Quilting I was doing everything the hard way. Mom had gotten me a quilt block kit for Christmas shortly after I picked up sewing again. With the raggies, I was sewing then clipping each sandwich as it passed through the machine.

I started reading the instructions in the kit Mom got me, and was clued in on what chain-stitching is. My Rag Quilting is much faster now.

Here are the details of chain stitching for Rag Quilting:

1. Make your fabric "sandwiches" and stack them by your machine.

2. Grab one sandwich and feed it through the machine diagonally corner to opposite corner. (Don't clip the thread when it is all the way through.)

3. Grab another sandwich and feed it through. Keep doing this until the stack is gone.

4. Clip the threads now between each of the sandwiches you just sewed through.

5. Stack them up again

6. Chain stitch the other line of the "X" on your sandwiches.

7. Clip apart again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rag Quilt Dog Beds I Made

Good Morning! 3 days until Christmas and I have some sewing yet to do! But I wanted to share some rag quilted dog beds I finished recently for a custom order. These dog beds were easy to make, just required many hours to complete. Since I made these in spurts over my busy Fall Season I would guess that I spent 25-30 hours completing them. Not my ideal project time, but my regular work kept me from sewing the past fall. Let me explain: I had started them in June and finished them around Thanksgiving. Fall sports at work and my cutting services at home kept me hopping!

So break time! I am pushing forward with sewing and pattern projects I have had packed away in my sewing closet and mind for months.

Back to the dog beds:
These 2 were custom made for 2 very large dogs. Labs, I believe. They are 48" x 35" x 5" in size.
Plans are to write a pattern for these including a size chart for different size beds...keep yer eyes peeled!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rag Quilt Purse Kits Last Minute?
I have listed many Rag Quilt Purse Kits in my eBay store at this time. I can ship same day or next day if you BIN and pay quickly. Here is an example of one of the kits....Hurry! Christmas is in 4 days!

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