Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

The last few weeks have been busy rushing around getting Christmas things done. I had one sewing project to do for mom.....she loved her new quilted sweatshirt jacket I made her. My brother was most interested in the fact that I used a new sweatshirt to make it....he works on cars, so the "taking apart of things" perked his interest. 

The homespun string quilt block making stopped at 24 for now. The blocks are sewn together and will become a lap quilt soon. I sandwiched the 3 layers together last night and will have that to quilt up soon.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Homespun String Quilt Blocks Progress

As you can see I am making some progress on my Homespun String Quilt Blocks. The stack in getting higher....and my scrap pile is getting lower! I have 12 blocks done so far. 

Custom made Bible Cover

I recently had a request to make a Bible Cover in is what I created. It turned out cute.

I am back to sewing string blocks for the time being....have an awesome week!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

We decided to put up our small tree this year instead of lugging the big one up from the basement.  I placed it on our dining room table to give it some height, but I have tons of decorations and not enough tree....oh well. The decoupage ornament balls I finished up a few weeks ago look great on the old tree. I also hung a couple of my rag swag garlands over the front branches and it really completed the tree. I have an issue with the tree topper though.....I don't like it. It does not match the rest of the prim decor. My normal tree topper is an angel   but it is stained glass and does not work either. I am going to have to think on this one for a bit.....

DH started the painting behind the tree. I talked him into doing a prim barn star on it and he is working on the pip berries....not sure what is going on the left side, but he will come up with something I hope. It is an old textured abstract painting that he is re-purposing. Gotta love being married to an artist.

Custom Order Rag Quilting part 2

 Here are some pics of the finished rag quilted hipster purse. 
 Side 1
Side 2
Inside single pocket

If you are interested in ordering an item to be custom made please convo me through my Etsy Shop. I would be glad to custom create something for you! I do both traditional and rag quilting. Or can do a mix of both styles as I have done in this purse.

Christmas time gift requests are welcomed. However, I need at least 3 weeks to complete your simple order. Complex orders may take longer. 

Custom Order Rag Quilting part 1

I had a lady at my church order a custom made rag quilted purse for her daughter. She wanted something pink and had really liked the vintage fan hip purse I had hanging in my craft fair booth a month ago. So here is what I created for her daughter. These first pictures are from before the clipping, washing, and drying processes. 

More pictures to follow....stay tuned! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Homespun String Quilt Blocks

I have decided to add a "Sewing Bucket List" on my blog. This past year I have acknowledged my addiction to sewing/quilting and have so many things I want to create before I ....ya know -kick the bucket. So as my grandparents would say "If the Lord is willing...." I will start work on my bucket list pronto.

The first item listed is to make a string quilt. I have in mind to make it all from homespun scraps. I am sure I have mentioned a million times my favorite fabric is homespun as I just love the primitive look that it has. I have quite a  large stash of homespun and a few bins full of scraps. So one of my goals with this bucket list item is to lessen my scrap pile.

Tonight I was able to complete the first 4 quilt blocks. I am using 10" muslin fabric for the backing of the strings.

One of My First Rag Quilts

A few years ago, when I started Rag Quilting, I gave my mother a special rag quilt for Christmas. She just loves vintage buttons and has a pretty impressive collection of them. She also loves the old feedsack fabrics and had given me a set of reproduction fabric charms she had in her stash. 

So it was pretty easy to create something for her using her favorites. I get a kick out of seeing her first reaction to it once she unwrapped it.....reminds me of the excited expressions grandma gave many Christmas's ago. 

Anyway, as I plan my Christmas gifts for this year, I hope to get expressions of equal proportion or better when she unwraps her _______________. All I am saying is it is NOT another Rag Quilt! :)

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