Sunday, September 7, 2008

eBay group Project

I am a moderator in a group on eBay called Rag Queen Quilters. Back in July/August the group held a County Fair Rag Quilt Competition in the group and then sold the items on eBay after the judging. We had 6 classes of different items and the winner of each class were judged again to pick our Grand and Reserve Grand Champions. The project went so well that we are doing another group project starting very soon!

This next project will be geared towards items that are sold at craft fairs. Our planning committee is excited that members will be making items for Fall and Winter for this competition and every item will be offered for auction in the end. Stay tuned for more information.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My weekend so far...

Being an athletic trainer, I cover sporting events on a regular basis including Friday Night Varsity Football Games for a high school. We traveled 2.5 hours away last night (our longest trip of the season) to barely nip a team we beat by over 70 points last year. This team was incredibly improved from 1 year ago, and we underestimated their ability based on what happened last year. At any rate the trip home was long and grueling even with the win. I climbed into bed at 2:30 am and slept hard until 12:30 in the afternoon.

I got up, drank 2 cups of coffee and proceeded to read threads upon threads of information in my ebay and etsy discussion groups. No time for sewing today. I am not in the mood. I am so tired that the thought of being creative is laughable!

At about 5pm I planned on fixing dinner for the hubby and me. Then I realized etsy treasuries were about to open up. I have never created one before, so I decided today was the day I would try to create one. I waited about 5 minutes for the last ones to expire down to under 333and it opened up. Luckily I got one! I had many purses saved to my favorites and just copied and pasted them in. Here is the link to the treasury. It will expire Monday sept 8 around 5:30pm so check it out NOW!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sept 1 Etsy Treasury I am in

Hey just wanted to post this: August is OVER which means my life just got a little less BUSY with work. I actually got to list some stuff this weekend. Etsy is easier to list on so I started there first and woo hoo! I am on a treasury! Here it is!

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