Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Changes....

This is a very tedious subject for me to write about. As I look back to my last blog I am reminded that my plan 2 and 1/2 years ago was to continue blogging some free tutorials among other things. My life changed the following day as my then husband of almost 10 years told me he was leaving me finally. I was completely thrown for a loop and life changed for me instantly. We were miserable together and his psychiatrist recommended we separate. He moved 1200 miles away 2 weeks after the announcement. I filed for divorce soon after. It was time to move on.....

Fast forward to present day! New man, new house, new car, new job, new everything. My mother even lived with me for a year. She started helping me with my online fabric cutting business and after she moved to her new apartment we moved all the fabric with her. I am so blessed for her and the changes that have taken place. It definitely feels great to be happy again.

I lived in town before and now live in the country on 3 acres. I have a vision to create a 9-patch garden behind the house. I started a small strawberry patch already to see if I can get them established for next summer. My plan is to grow fruits and vegetables to live on eventually. It may end up being a seasonal market type of thing.

Sooo back to me blogging. I have visited this site several times, thinking I would dive back in, but the timing was not right I guess. We are settled into our new house and I have unpacked most of my sewing and quilting things. My sewing room is not exactly how I want it yet, but its a start. I did sew some last week and listed a candle mat on etsy yesterday.

So I am getting to where I want to be again....blogging on what I am doing and sharing some of my ideas and creations.

Thanks for reading!

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