Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day!

Today it was so sunny and warm out. I realized some tulips and daffodils were coming up. I had dug into the hard, dry ground last fall to plant those bulbs and got discouraged at how tough it was to dig a 6" hole with the ground so hard. So I ended up putting the bulbs in the shed and forgot about them. After seeing the shoots coming up today I checked the batch in the shed and most of them were ok and starting to what the heck! I started digging holes and setting them now I wait and hope to see if they survived! I will post pics later if they do! Fingers crossed everyone!

Here is my latest creation for sale on eBay: Rag Quilted Purse 9-Patch Style
2010 Creation #14

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings Time and new Creations

Well what can I say about DST? Lost an hour of the weekend. Living in Indiana all my life has been a treat up until a couple of years ago when we officially changed for good. Sometimes I like it and others I don't. But if it were not for change this world would be so behind in the change is good for the most part. Go with the flow.

Today I listed on eBay a few more rag quilted handmade items I would like to share:

Creation #9


Creation #10


Creation #11


Creation #12

Table Runner

Creation #13 is a rag quilt that is going to charity through my church

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Creations for 2010

I will number them so it helps me to keep track of what I made. I need all the motivation I can get at the moment. Ever had that happen to ya? Not want to do much? I call it the winter blues, but I was noticing my calendar said it was March 12 yesterday. Funny how I have missed noticing we are 2 weeks into the month already. Let spring come as fast as it can! I guess March did not come in like a lion too bad for me....or did it?

Creation #1

Baby Rag Quilt and is listed on eBay right now.

Creation #2

Small Homespun Runner on eBay

Creation #3
Large Homespun Runner on eBay

Creation #4
Sunflower Prim stars Table Runner on eBay

Creation #5
St Patricks Day Table Runner on Ebay

Creation #6
Rectangular Sunflower table runner on eBay

Creation # 7 and #8
I do not have pictures of them and I could just kick myself, but I was in a big hurry and did not have time to picture them.

I made a strip rag quilt and matching diaper bag for a co-worker's baby shower. Here are the fabrics I used.....

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