Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Bible Cover Rag Quilt Project/Vitamin D

As promised I have been working on my new rag quilting tutorials. Today I am blogging about the Bible or book Cover.

The Bible Cover tutorial can be found listed in my Etsy shop at this time.

The Bible/Book Cover was written so that it can be custom made to your Bible or Book. All it takes is some measuring and simple math skills to make it work.

So I had a well check a few weeks ago with my new doctor. She ordered up several blood tests which I had done last week. The nurse called me to inform me I am very low on Vitamin D. Really? I guess I am not spending enough time outside working in the yard/garden, so I am perplexed. My garden looks better this year than any other year! So I am to take 1000 iu's of Vitamin D now. I hope this helps my depression since it seems to be at an all time low the last 6 months.....

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