Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Putting up a Design Wall in the New Sewing Room

 It is crazy to think that we moved over 6 months ago from a small 1400 square foot 2 story house in the city to a 2000 square foot ranch with 3 acres in the country. I am still unpacking and and trying to balance work with sewing. It may take me another 6 months to get it all finished, but it will eventually get done. Summer is coming and my work hours will be less so I can spend time on projects at home again.

Over the last 4 or 5 weeks I have been studying how to create a design wall. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest which seems to be my go-to site lately. I gathered some ideas, made my shopping list and headed to Lowes to get my supplies. Joe did not think we should get the flimsy 4x8 insulation boards because it was a rather windy day and his short bed would not be long enough to get them home in full sheets. So I settled for the 13 1/2"x 48" 6 pack and got 2 packages. So I got 12 panels all together. I grabbed some packages of the Command Picture Hanging Strips also.

We stopped at Joann Fabrics on the way home to get some Warm & Natural Batting. I got the King size package for this project. I usually have a 90" x 40 yard bolt at moms for our batting orders, but she was running low so I did not want to bother her for any at the time.

Lastly I got some duct tape to tape the batting on....I read this blog and really liked her simple instruction so I thought I would give it a try as well. I loved how it turned out.

I wanted something large enough for king size quilts so it took up 8 feet wide by 6 feet 11 inches tall of one wall in the new sewing room.

First 2 panels up. My TV had to stay put during this project so don't mind that!

Four panels up and had to try it out! I am amazed how easy this was to do and how easily the blocks just stick to the batting.

Second half going on.
Ah the power outlet. Do I leave it or not?
The last panel I cut in 2 pieces. Then measured where the outlet cover would be.
Checking for a good fit.
What it looks like on the back. Duct taped the batting on.
I forgot to take pictures of the Command Strips on the back, but they held up nicely. I put 2 on each panel.

The rest of the sewing room is going to be finished as soon as I can get it done. The closet is being turned into an office area so stay tuned for that project soon! The wall opposite of the design wall is going to have enough cubes to hold my huge fabric stash. I also have some peg boards going up for equipment storage. I can not wait to share it all! This is my dream sewing room coming to life!

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