Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to make a rag swag garland free tutorial

If you have a large stash of fabric scraps, like I do, then here is a great way to utilize them. I hate throwing scraps away because I feel I might need them for something. A few years ago I discovered a way to salvage them and give them new life by making rag swag garlands. Here is how I make them:

Materials needed: Jute twine and scrap fabrics

Step 1: Cut your scrap fabrics into 1" x 6-8" strips. I like to use a non-uniform length, so cut them all the same length if you want your garland to look more uniform. Make several piles of the different fabrics in the colors you want in your garland.

Step 2: Cut your jute twine the length you desire and allowing an additional few inches at each end.
Tie a knot in the twine about 4 inches from the end.

Step 3: Grab a strip from the first pile and tie it onto the twine at the knot. Grab a strip from the second pile and do the same next to strip 1. Repeat this until the twine is full of tied strips to the last 4 inches of twine. Tie another knot here to end the garland.

Here are some garlands I have made.


Example using multiple fabrics.

For an additional spin on the garland try tying the fabric onto Christmas light strands instead of the jute twine.
I hope you have enjoyed my free tutorial!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homespun Patriotic Rag Quilt Purse

 I am absolutely in love with homespun fabrics. This is the first of 3 purses I made last summer (2103).
I wrote the pattern used to make this one. If you would like to make your own please visit my Etsy shop for an instant download. 
Due to many requests for longer straps I have altered the straps on my handmade items that is different than what the pattern states. It is fairly easy to make them longer just add more inches to the length of strap fabrics.
This particular rag quilted purse has sold.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Big Finish!

This week I finished making this beautiful purple, lavender, and white rag quilt. I had several major setbacks getting this custom order finished, but had the most generous and patient customer to work with so I am thankful for that. The biggest setback was that my old sewing machine locked up and I was not able to sew with it. My 30 year old backup machine needs work too, and it slowed me down trying to use it. So I ended up buying a new Juki sewing machine and so glad that I did. I have some big plans now for my sewing future.....but let me get back to this beauty!
Here are the stacks of minky fabric ready to sew. I used Warm and White quilt batting for the center.

I had ordered a few chenille fabrics to blend in (white chenilles are vintage) and here are all the sandwiches with the "X" quilting.

The big finish.....this is a TWIN size quilt on a QUEEN size bed. 

I love how it turned out.

This is a corner of what the backing looks like.

More of the back.
One side note that I wanted to mention is that I had no idea how heavy this rag quilt would end up. I think know that in the future I will omit the layer of batting in the middle. After clipping this one I had a hard upper body workout shaking the lint off of it outside. The chenille and minky are both fairly heavy by themselves....lesson learned!
Thanks for reading my blog.....I am off to sew a Rag Quilted Bible Cover now.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Strip Style Rag Quilt

Every time I go into Joann's Fabric Store I have to visit the remnant bin. Most of the time I am looking for another homespun piece to add to my collection, but one trip I spotted a really cute frog print in flannel to take home.

Months later I am sorting through remnants and come across the frog print, so I matched it up with coordinating colors and started cutting them into strips. At that point I stashed the strips away yet again, until one day in May of 2013 I stitched them together. I had written a strip style pattern a few years before and wanted to create more strip style rag quilts to use as props for the pattern.

During the sewing I accidentally sewed through my quilting pins on the plastic part. This was a first. Had to cut it out with the seam ripper and re-sew that spot.

The finished quilt turned out super cute.... and as of right now it is still for sale if you are interested. See it here: Frog Rag Quilt

If you would like to make your own strip style rag quilt and want to purchase my ePattern here it is: ePattern.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

John Deere Rag Quilt

This is a rag quilt I completed in May of 2013. It was created from a John Deere remnant and leftover squares from my flannel fabric cutting business. (I have piles and piles of excess squares from past orders.) So putting this quilt together was fairly simple.

This first picture shows the diagonal layout I chose for the final sewing. 
 The rows sewn....
Finished sewing....
The backing...

After clipping, washing, and drying the is the final product!

 I loved the colors on the backside. It was very manly looking!

When it was finished I listed it online to sell. It sold shortly after.

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