Saturday, March 8, 2014

Strip Style Rag Quilt

Every time I go into Joann's Fabric Store I have to visit the remnant bin. Most of the time I am looking for another homespun piece to add to my collection, but one trip I spotted a really cute frog print in flannel to take home.

Months later I am sorting through remnants and come across the frog print, so I matched it up with coordinating colors and started cutting them into strips. At that point I stashed the strips away yet again, until one day in May of 2013 I stitched them together. I had written a strip style pattern a few years before and wanted to create more strip style rag quilts to use as props for the pattern.

During the sewing I accidentally sewed through my quilting pins on the plastic part. This was a first. Had to cut it out with the seam ripper and re-sew that spot.

The finished quilt turned out super cute.... and as of right now it is still for sale if you are interested. See it here: Frog Rag Quilt

If you would like to make your own strip style rag quilt and want to purchase my ePattern here it is: ePattern.

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