Monday, April 29, 2013

This Weeks Rag Quilting Project -Day 1

I am currently working on a custom order for a small baby rag quilt and matching pillow.  Today the last of the vintage chenille fabric arrived in the mail, and I have all the fabrics cut tonight. I pre-fringed them using my old Accucut Mark IV die cutter. This was a messy job for sure. I spent about 20 minutes cleaning the loose fuzz off of my work area, but at least I don't have to worry with cutting later.

This is some of the chenille I am using. It is going to be all brown and pink. :)

I am also using minky fabrics that I will blend together with the chenille.

 This is a general layout of the quilt. I plan on changing it some tomorrow before the sewing starts.


DownHome Designs said...

What a soft, comfy quilt that will be! I love chenille. : )

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

I agree! Looking forward to getting this one finished.

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