Saturday, April 27, 2013

Garden Work Saturday!

Oh my goodness!! I spent the entire day outside working in the yard. I cut the lawn, used the trimmer around everything, swept up old leaves from the front sidewalk, and prepped the garden area for tilling. My dad and stepmom came over to roll the yard and do the tilling. I knew a couple of weeks ago that it was going to need rolling because I just about sprained an ankle cutting the lawn for the first one of the spring. After rolling it today I was amazed at how much better it felt under my feet as I walked across it. I did get some aerator sandals to use on it next.

My husband and dad took turns at running the tiller. We are working up some new ground making our garden larger and it was really tough to till. I am going to have to continue hoeing it this week to get it ready for planting soon.

This picture here is from 2010 (3 years ago) and we expanded the garden area today.

This is showing how we expanded.

We are taking out a lot of grass and going to put in pavers to walk on due to being so close to the house on that side. I wish we could expand into the neighbors yard ( to the right) haha!

I made some X's to show I messed up. It is actually lower than where the picture shows. I will take some new pictures soon to show the actual expansion.

After all we did today, my lower back is killing me. I cannot get up from a seated position without pain that causes me to freeze in motion and hold my breath. Stupid herniated discs I have had for years now. It sucks getting old!

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