Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update on Hexagon Hand Piecing

I have been stitching away at the Grandmother's Flower Garden Hexy quilt top this week. I took this picture a couple of days ago showing the pink and purple flowers that are stacked up and ready for adding to the rest. I sewed them together first and will be adding both rows to the top in the next few days.

This next picture shows the top with the pink and purple rows before they are added.

Check back for more updates.


golo8 said...

these look like fun to do .. I have been thinking about making them for a long time... yours are really colorful...

Gimpy Cat said...

Oh they are looking so pretty and remind me of a spring garden in bloom. Also reminds me that I have a hex quilt diamond appliqued down to a central medallion panel I really need to work on this year, perhaps I can put it on my UFO list on the forum to work on, you can inspire me to keep going with it as i watch your progress! Lovely blog you have set up, looking good, I admire those who can blog. This is going to be one very pretty happy quilt :-)

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