Sunday, January 8, 2012

Minor 8-hour setback on Hexi quilt top today

This morning I was excited to be finishing up adding the purple and pink flower rows to the rest of the quilt top. I think I had about 4 more to sew on. Finished that, then spread the top onto the floor and to my immediate disgust realized it was backwards: pink where the purple should be and visa versa. I spent a while thinking about the mistake and how mad I was at not checking to make sure it was correct in the first place. While thinking I matched up the reds I needed for the next row. Here they are-I am going to have to cut more reds too, so this is not all of them.

After matching the reds for awhile I picked up my seam ripper and went to work on fixing my problem. Then sewed it back correctly. I am glad I did! It looks like it is suppose to now....

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