Saturday, November 6, 2010

No more football, some snow, and Creation # 38

Tonight was the first Friday night I have gotten to stay at home and not be out at a high school football game since the second week of August. I am so thankful to not be out in this weather! It snowed today which makes me shiver just thinking about being out in it for football. Season is over Thank God!

So what I did tonight after work was to try to sew a rag quilt purse. I did not get too far. My machine needed a good overhaul, so 3 hours of cleaning it did the trick.

I finished this rag quilted tote last night. I was able to wash and dry it today, but did not get a chance to list it, so I will add links to this blogging later.

Ironically there are snowflakes on the fabric in this tote. I used minky dot fabric as well. I was hoping to sell this as a kit and had it listed for a long time, but no dice. I hope it will sell now.

I am working on the next tote now and will be showing it off soon.

Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to my extra hour this weekend! Daylight Savings. I dread the Springtime change though.....but that is a long time away.

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