Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Networking and promoting other's work

These last few days I have been promoting other fiber artists. I have met so many wonderful online quilting friends in the last 3.5 years and so I felt it my duty to help these ladies out. I have found myself very pleased and humbled with the amount of shared posts, retweeting, or just referrals I have gotten from so many of these individuals over the last few years. Sales happen sometimes due to all the information out there moving rapidly across the web.

If you have something on Etsy you would like me to tweet about on Twitter or Share on Facebook please convo me on Etsy. I will continue doing them as you tell me.

If the item is on eBay -send me a message there. I will get them up ASAP.

Links to my Etsy shop and eBay store.

Follow me on Twitter to see the Tweets I send out. Ashlawnfarms

Follow me on Facebook: Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations

Thanks and I look forward to Tweeting for you!!


quiltsbylee said...

Isn't it wonderful how we help each other out. I have not been doing as much tweeting as I need to and will get back to my scheduled computer time so that I can.

Sew Practical said...

Rag Quilting Women Worldwide forum is another great spot to promote your work Theresa.


We're young but have big plans for growth. Feel free to advertise your blog, Ebay, Etsy, Twitter and more. As a matter of fact, that's one reason I started RQWW. Designers and collectors welcome! Invite your RQQ friends. I remember most of you from when I was a member a couple of years ago.


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