Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cardinal Calls and a few new Etsy listings up

We had a great time today at church. It was the day our congregation honors the high school and college seniors who are graduating this year. It seems this school year had flown by as they always do, but it was really nice to see these youngsters all grown up. We have been at this church now for 4 years, so we have gotten to see these high school kids all the way through now. What a reflection on these past 4 years! God is great!

Later in the day I listed a few items on Etsy. I am trying to simplify my life one day at a time, so this is all I was able to accomplish today on the crafting hobby I love so much! Here is one of the pincushion kits listed today.

Then this evening I decided to go out and play in the dirt. We have had a tremendous amount of rain in the last 3 weeks and the weeds have just gone mad! It has been too wet to even try and hoe them, but today I spent 3 hours getting about 1/2 done. I have some more planting to go too, so I need to clear the rest of the weeds out this week!

While I was finishing up I hear the neighborhood male cardinal tweeting away to his love: three long tweets. I hear this pair all the time as this is the 3rd summer in a row we have noticed them around. So the male is calling out and the neighbor behind me has a little boy around 2 or 3 maybe. This little boy starts mimicking the bird....he did not whistle but made the same sound as the cardinal with his voice. It was just so cute!! Made me smile at nature. God is so great!

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