Saturday, May 22, 2010

Etsy Treasury

I am slowly making a come-back to the world of sewing, quilting, and selling. It has been a rough winter this year as my stress levels were through the roof. Things are better now and I am focusing once again on creativity. I was able to list a few items on Etsy yesterday, and found myself featured in a treasury by a good quilting friend of mine this morning.

~~~Lets here it for RAG QUILTS!!!~~~~

Etsy treasury by Quiltsbylee

Thanks so much Lee!!


quiltsbylee said...

You are more than welcome. And welcome back. So glad you made it thru your rough winter. I was always thinking about you.

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

It is good to be on my way back...not quite there yet, but almost.

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