Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Project #1

I am having a tough time keeping up with this blog....I work too much I guess. Spring is around the corner, so maybe there will be a break in the current events?
I have heaping full boxes of scraps from all the rag quilts I have been making. Not to mention from the cutting services I do. And to top it off from all the rag quilt kits I have been putting together. Yeah I need to quit working....just to clean up my mess!
This winter I found a weekend to sort through much of my homespun scraps and was able to tie strands of this scrap fabric onto jute twine to make some rag swag garlands. Here are a few to show off, but there are many more.....I made them all that weekend to lessen the stash. HAH right. I have since added to it. I need to hire people now just to keep up. I could seriously run a factory in my basement.... well anyway we won't go there at least for now.
Check my Etsy or eBay listings for more rag swag garlands.
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