Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Days of Summer

August is here at last. It is not my favorite month because my work as an Athletic Trainer is at an all-time busy season. So I survived today and have 2 weeks of practices before school starts in 2 weeks. Yes TWO weeks.

The weekend was a big last hurrah for me to get some ends tied up. I was able to list my newest Etsy listings on eBay and edited some of the existing listings. I hate it when I use free templates that others have offered but don't keep their graphics current. My listings were pretty sad looking at them with the Tinyurl logo in the background. No more templates like that for me!

On my table lies 6 more stacks of fabric to make into 3 more rag purses 1 table runner and 2 baby quilts for my church charity. I have sewn 4 purses, 2 table runners, and 2 pincushions in the last 3 days. I have spent most of my free time sewing and will continue while I am feeling productive. They lie in wait for the clipping part.

My husband and I finished edited my newest rag purse tutorial: listed both on Etsy and eBay and ready for this season's sewing projects!
This was day 9 of my venture dieting on The 17 Day Diet. I have lost 9 pounds and am really proud of myself because I have not cheated one time. I am staying the course and my mind is in a good place. I can feel the fat melt off my legs and thighs. My yoga practice is helping too. It is just so good to feel mentally, physically, and spiritually stable for once in my life!

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