Friday, December 2, 2011

Homespun String Quilt Blocks

I have decided to add a "Sewing Bucket List" on my blog. This past year I have acknowledged my addiction to sewing/quilting and have so many things I want to create before I ....ya know -kick the bucket. So as my grandparents would say "If the Lord is willing...." I will start work on my bucket list pronto.

The first item listed is to make a string quilt. I have in mind to make it all from homespun scraps. I am sure I have mentioned a million times my favorite fabric is homespun as I just love the primitive look that it has. I have quite a  large stash of homespun and a few bins full of scraps. So one of my goals with this bucket list item is to lessen my scrap pile.

Tonight I was able to complete the first 4 quilt blocks. I am using 10" muslin fabric for the backing of the strings.

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