Sunday, May 24, 2009

Squirrel City

I have been wanting to blog about this for a few days now. I just seem to have minimal time to do it!!

We gathered hickory nuts at my dads last fall and still have them sitting in bowls by the fireplace.

Every day we have thrown some out to the squirrels. Well one in particular that is. She is becoming very comfortable at just waltzing up the sidewalk and letting us know she is here to visit. She even gets on the chair outside and looks in the window. She takes her nuts and we watch her head off across the street to bury them in the neighbors flowerbed.

She has even brought a couple of friends too.

Here she is earlier this spring with her head in a pumpkin.

Well today there are 5 squirrels hanging out in the two trees out front.

Hubby and I are getting a kick out of them.


Grandma Barbara said...

Furry little beggars, you've gotta love them. They certainly know where to get the best stuff, don't they? I'm posting a pic in my blog of a squirrel that comes to visit one of my cats. I keep telling her there's no future in the relationship! lol

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Very cute! Your squirrel friend looks happy & sure knows where to get her goodies. Our yard is full of chipmunks. Not gotten a chance to snap any pics yet though.

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