Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day to Build?

This morning I am blogging about a set of Carninals I have at my house. Each morning I get up and drink a cup of coffee and catch up on some reading online. It is usually still dark and quiet outside.

This morning, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are tweeting away like crazy outside my window. I am wondering if today is building day for a new set of fledglings? Building day for a nest, which would be the second one I know of outside my window.

Last spring they built a nest right outside the window in a bush and raised their 3 babies. It was great watching them create their family.

Are they going to build or are they just "chatting" about it. I have no idea...so we will see what happens.

Here is a pic of the male.....


quiltsbylee said...

There is just something about watching nature take place. We can plant all we want but it is the wild flowers that I love the most. We try to make sure all the bird houses are ready in March for our fine feathered friends. I get so excited when I see them going in and out of them.

sewmeow said...

Loved your pictures. I wake up every morning to the birds chirping and "talking" to each other. We have 1 "couple" of Cardinals close by, & naturally get spooked quite often by all the outside cats.

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

Yes we have those devilish cats in the neighborhood too. I hope they stay away so the birds can play!

Grandma Barbara said...

I have at least one pair of cardinals in the yard along with some jays, a big flock of house sparrows, lots of doves and some crows/grackels. For the most part the outside cats just watch them. Just like they watch the squirrels and the possum who all come to eat the dry cat food I put out. Even the birds eat it sometime. Most of the time it's just one big happy family!!

Bebesboutique said...

The bright red cardinals are beautiful. We don't have them out here in the west.

Kris said...

Oh how sweet. Phil and I are just amazed with the robins we have nested on our porch. It is so interesting to watch them. I'm amazed at how the mother/father instinct just kicks in. The babies eat ALL DAY!!! I tell you if human could learn anything from the birds it's how to care for and protect their young.

Have a happy day


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