Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fabric Closet

Well I have been planning now for a couple of weeks to paint the walk-in closet off of the upstairs bedroom. So today was the big day. It got painted. It was an ugly old yellow and now it is bright white.

This closet is going to be turned into my new fabric closet where all my fabric stash is going to be stored. The small door you see is the door to the dormer where my new sewing room is going to be located. It is an absolute mess. I ended up putting a lot of stuff in there from the closet so it is overloaded! I can hardly fit in there now.

My next step is to get fabric shelves for the closet. I may end up going to Lowes or Menards to get lumber to cut and paint. Shelving is so expensive. I looked at Ikea and some other online companies, but uh I want to do this cheap and quick. My $ will need to go for drywall, insulation, and etc. to finish the dormer. What fun!!


Audrey said...

Just think of all the fabric that you will be able to fit into that closet!! Wonderful.

sewmeow said...

Hurray! Looks nice now and that will make a great fabric closet! Gives us a picture of your sewing room when you are finished with it too!

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Oh boy, that closet will hold lots of fabric! Shelving sure is expensive. Building your own could be not only less expensive but you can also customize for the sizes you need; for bolts, pigeon holes for fq's, etc. Good luck - can't wait to see it finished!

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

ragamuffinquilts-that was what I was thinking-just building my own. I found some lumber in the basement up in the I might not have to buy much.

CocoJ126 said...

can't wait to see how it turns out!

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