Friday, December 26, 2008

The New Year

Have you all gotten you New Year Resolutions ready? I am working on my list. Sigh! I don't like these lists because I find it very hard to stick to them. I found a list I made a few years ago and had to laugh at myself because my outlook on things have changed. They were big items too, so maybe if I stick to the small stuff I can accomplish a few.

I have decided to make mine a one item per month list so if will be easier to adhere to.

January-Perfect my free motion quilting more.
February-Make at least 2 charity blankets
March-Pay off credit card.
April-Finish online class with an "A"
May-Start a bigger garden than last year's.
June-Clip hedge down (IN THE BACK)
July-Go to the 4-H Fair Dairy Show/and see my nephew show his pigs
August-Stay cool during 2-a-days fall sport practices
September-Can veggies
October-Plant spring flowers
November-Clear off lawn and rake leaves.
December-Make all my gifts-and not buy anything

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Audrey said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope that 2009 is your best year yet!

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