Saturday, September 6, 2008

My weekend so far...

Being an athletic trainer, I cover sporting events on a regular basis including Friday Night Varsity Football Games for a high school. We traveled 2.5 hours away last night (our longest trip of the season) to barely nip a team we beat by over 70 points last year. This team was incredibly improved from 1 year ago, and we underestimated their ability based on what happened last year. At any rate the trip home was long and grueling even with the win. I climbed into bed at 2:30 am and slept hard until 12:30 in the afternoon.

I got up, drank 2 cups of coffee and proceeded to read threads upon threads of information in my ebay and etsy discussion groups. No time for sewing today. I am not in the mood. I am so tired that the thought of being creative is laughable!

At about 5pm I planned on fixing dinner for the hubby and me. Then I realized etsy treasuries were about to open up. I have never created one before, so I decided today was the day I would try to create one. I waited about 5 minutes for the last ones to expire down to under 333and it opened up. Luckily I got one! I had many purses saved to my favorites and just copied and pasted them in. Here is the link to the treasury. It will expire Monday sept 8 around 5:30pm so check it out NOW!

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FabricsNQuilts said...

Great Job! on your first treasury! Thanks for including one of my purses!

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